Shot blasting can be used to prepare the surface of a component before powder coating or to remove contaminants/process discolouration from the surface improving the overall aesthetics of the part. Shot Blasting will also ensure there is a key for powder coating process improving the durability of the final finish.

We boast a 7000mm x 2000mm x 2000mm Shot Blast Cabinet and a specialist 1000mm x 740mm x 890mm cabinet used purely on non-ferrous materials including Aluminium, Stainless, Duplex and Inconel, in this unit we use a Chrome Nickel based shot, ensuring there is no contamination as when using an Iron based shot, which can cause rust in the future.

We offer a fast turnaround and a quality finish.

Types of Material

Historically, the material used for artificial sandblasting was sand that had been sieved to a uniform size. In the early 1900s, it was initially assumed that sharp-edged grains provided the best performance though this was later demonstrated to not be correct.

Other materials for sandblasting have been developed to be used instead of sand; for example, carborundum grit, steel shots, copper slag, powdered slag, glass beads, metal pellets, dry ice, garnet, powdered abrasives of various grades have been used for specific applications and can produce distinct surface finishes. Some commercial grade blasters are specially designed to handle multiple blast abrasives. These blasters are commonly referred as multi-media blasters.

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